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Wrapping Up LogiSYM LIVE Industrial Transformation Industry 4.0

Wrapping Up LogiSYM LIVE Industrial Transformation Industry 4.0

IT’S A BLAST! The much awaited LIVE conference kicked off last November 22 and spearheaded by notable speakers from the Supply Chain Industry.

By Stephanie Krishnan

ITAP LogiSYM 2021 was a welcome change from the virtual events that have become standard on our calendars, and we continued to embrace technology to bring hybrid delivery. Thank you to those who made it happen and took time out of their schedules to attend.

We had a solid start to the event with Ms. Cheryl Chan Wei Ling, PBM Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC and Group Strategy & Sustainability Officer ST Engineering, who invited us to disrupt ourselves. This idea was carried through with emphasis on the need to develop strong ecosystems and create partnership collaborations to build up the capability to create agility. We were also asked to challenge the status quo to move with markets to build flexibility, which I think we all agreed will be necessary over the coming years. Integrating within and between organizations, ensuring that the data available supplements the people, the process, and the ecosystem we work with,  and creates a digital-first culture.

Digital cultures are becoming increasingly crucial in supply chain organizations, and this was a critical message that was conveyed. Organizations require that supply chain personnel develop the ability to get in with the data, be an analyst of data, and be curious to support the supply chains of the future. Being digital-first is necessary to ensure we have supply chain flexibility and resiliency and attract the best employees. We need to align with the ideals of a new generation, and that requires a work environment that looks like the 2020s and supports sustainability, inclusivity, and equality.

We also heard that while we work towards a digital-first culture, it is vital that we acknowledge that it is to a view to augmenting human capabilities that we undergo transformation journeys. While we balance the investment priorities between capacity and digital capabilities, including data and analytics, physical automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need to ensure that the focus is on capitalising on human skills. These include the ability to solve problems and cultivate relationships, skills that we have relied on heavily over the last 2 years, as well as developing digital leadership capabilities.

Lastly, as we move into 2022, we acknowledge a strong push towards visibility and transparency, but what do we do with that visibility? Ensuring that we use this visibility to deliver on the flexibility and resilience that we heard is a requirement throughout ITAP-LogiSYM 2021 will be vital to building intelligent, adaptable supply chains of the future, ensuring we can deliver on our promises, and meet our customer expectations.

Thank you again to everyone that supported ITAP-LogiSYM 2021. We know time investment is a significant investment for those who attended, and I hope you found it a good investment. Thank you.

Stephanie Krishnan
ITAP-LogiSYM 2021 Chairman
LSCMS Advisory Board Member

Associate Vice President, Manufacturing and
Energy Insights, IDC Asia/Pacific


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