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StorHub Self Storage to partner with GOGOVAN to provide customers convenient and flexible service

StorHub Self Storage, the largest self-storage operator in Singapore since 2003, today announced a partnership with GOGOVAN, one of Asia’s largest logistics platform.

This partnership brings to customers the benefit of greater convenience of flexible storage with on-demand transportation in one service. StorHub Self Storage’s new customers can now book transportation services conveniently including having access to GOGOVAN manpower as required.

“As we adjust to the post-pandemic life, many families and small businesses are finding that space has become a premium in homes and places of business,” explained Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage. “Customers are looking to either increase space at home or move non-essential equipment and materials from valuable real estate at places of work as a way of reducing costs and wastage. Many are looking for self-storage alternative solutions but are hampered by a lack of transportation options to moving and storing these redundant items”.

Studies show that a cluttered environment contributes to stress at home and at work especially when going through difficult periods such as this pandemic Circuit Breaker in Singapore. Typically in Singapore, many use a spare room as a hastily commissioned store room, storing not only rarely used furniture, ornaments, toys and digital devices but also equipment and other items from work or their businesses – especially entrepreneurs. But today with work from home and home-based learning, families are struggling to free up space and their part-time store rooms are rapidly becoming an expensive storage space instead of a home office or conducive room for learning.

This service provides an alternative to their storage space requirements with flexible storage and transportation facilities. Families can now keep rarely used items, and enjoy more room while being calm and productive, to see out the COVID-19 situation.

“This Circuit Breaker in response to Covid-19 is unprecedented and definitely requires a mental shift and discipline. It is impacting all of our mental health, as we learn to cope with being home 24 hours a day. Simple tricks including decluttering, reorganising our home with what we want to keep, store and discard can be extremely liberating for us and contribute significantly to a low stress experience in managing the Circuit Breaker,” said to La Tona.

With multiple options to create additional space, individuals and families can have more space and time to pick up new hobbies or even start a new side business, including in e-commerce. Gig economy workers who have been impacted by the Circuit Breaker can use this time more productively by clearing or reorganising their homes and storing their equipment at storage facilities.

“By moving non-essential items lying around homes to proper storage spaces and facilities, families and individuals will have the benefits of a stress-free stay indoors as we do our part to fight through COVID-19 together,” said Patrick Wong, Country Manager, GOGOVAN. “With more companies adopting remote working, individuals can better prepare their home office for conducive and productive work for the long run as we face a ‘new normal’,” Wong said. La Tona also highlighted that by having a calm and reassured state of mind, we can better prepare for post-COVID-19 life and are further empowered to endure any work and life changes ahead.

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