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PRESS RELEASE: Suning Logistics Announces Non-stop Logistics and Delivery Services During Spring Festival


 Suning Logistics Announces Non-stop Logistics and Delivery Services During Spring Festival

A “Rocketman” (aka Suning’s delivery guy) is delivering hotpot ingredients packaged in a special cold chain container (PRNewsfoto/Suning Group)

Suning Logistics, one of the core industries established in 2014 under Suning Group, has announced it will continue its logistics and delivery services during Chinese New Year. For the ninth year running, Suning Logistics will provide users with the same cold chain logistics and delivery services that are available throughout the year.

Ahead of the Year of the Ox, Suning Logistics has launched Su Xian Da, a new cold chain solution that provides fresh food to customers with a fully linked cold chain solution from warehousing to distribution. The biggest product upgrade since Suning Logistics’ cold chain solutions debuted in 2019, Su Xian Da leverages Suning Logistics’ national intra-city network to deliver goods including fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry, eggs, meat, dairy and other popular products to consumers within 24-48 hours. Su Xian Da will also work in partnership with Carrefour and Suning stores to provide same-day and one-hour delivery services to customers in more than 50 cities across the country.

According to an iiMedia Group industry report, China’s cold chain market surged to 263.84 billion RMB in 2020 and is predicted to maintain its upward growth trajectory. However, the industry is also faced with challenges, ranging from inconsistent standards and service systems to insufficient network coverage. The pandemic has further exacerbated these issues, as more customers rely on delivery to safely purchase fresh produce.

In response to these pain points, Su Xian Da offers temperature-controlled cold storage, integrated warehousing and distribution, and intra-city distribution, which fully meet the retail needs of B2C, B2B, and community groups. Su Xian Da also leverages Suning Logistics’ national network to reduce transit in transportation links and improve delivery speed.

Since launching in June 2019, Suning’s cold chain service has provided warehousing services for nearly 100 brands and over 2,000 SKUs. Suning has helped businesses decrease logistics costs by an average of 10% to 30%, while the on-time delivery rate is over 99% and customer complaint rates are less than one in a thousand.

Efficient and convenient deliveries for Chinese New Year celebrations

Suning Logistics will safely and continuously deliver products to families this Spring Festival with door-to-door delivery of 3C, fresh food, home appliances, and imported products. Over 300 cities are eligible for next-day delivery, while Carrefour and Suning stores cover 350,000 communities for same-day delivery within 10 kilometres. In addition, Suning Logistics will continue to offer its one-hour delivery within three kilometres.

With a service network of over 8,000 retail cloud stores and 1,500 customer service centres, Suning Logistics will provide customers across the country with the same efficient and convenient delivery services during the Spring Festival.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency with smart logistics

Relying on big data, AI, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies, Suning’s smart logistics system realizes intelligent supply chain planning and can prepare advance sales forecasts and warehouse stocking for self-operated and third-party partners during Chinese New Year. The intelligent warehouse management system accurately analyzes orders, locations, routes and regions, and improves operational efficiency in all aspects. Once products enter the distribution phase, weather and process monitoring ensure efficient delivery across the country.

During the Spring Festival, Suning Logistics’ digital system will be used to optimize the management of key categories and improve warehousing efficiency for both Carrefour and Suning stores.

Protecting staff and customers with pandemic control measures

Suning Logistics has begun administering vaccinations to ensure the safety of its employees and consumers, with more than 85% of staff vaccinated to date. Furthermore, to ensure safety throughout the delivery process, Suning Logistics strictly controls the entire operation process, regularly disinfects surfaces, and has stringent standards for contactless delivery in the last mile.

Demonstrating support for on-duty staff

To show its appreciation and support, Suning Logistics has prepared generous red envelopes, doubled dispatch orders, and subsidized Spring Festival celebrations – providing comfort and protection for front-line employees. Meanwhile, Suning Logistics and Suning Insurance are providing couriers with complimentary accidental injury insurance and delivery insurance, including 300,000 RMB for COVID-19 and 30,000 RMB for accident protection.

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