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Chinese Ports Still Growing Strongly

Chinese Ports Still Growing Strongly

Between January and September 2023, Chinese ports witnessed a cargo volume increase of 8.5 percent to 12.540 billion tons.

Additionally, the container throughput of Chinese ports increased 5.2 percent to more than 230 million TEU.

Within this data, the port of Shanghai maintains its position as the country’s most active container port, handling 36.19 million TEU.

Following closely, the port of Ningbo & Zhoushan ranks as the second busiest container port in China, processing 27.26 million TEU, while the port of Shenzhen secures the third position with 21.72 million TEU.

The Port of Yinkou stands out with the most significant year-on-year percentage increase in container throughput during the first nine months of the year, boasting a growth of 19.6 percent.

The only port where volumes contracted was in Shenzhen, which experienced a one percent drop in container volumes.

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