12.8.21: Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, major airports in China have proactively upgraded sanitizing measures and increased operational restrictions. These measures are having a knock on effect and many gateways are experiencing manpower shortages coupled with flight cancellations.

This is an update we have compiled as at 12th August however the situation is evolving quickly and further updates will be made available whenever possible.

Major airports & terminals’ status overview:

TSN:  Terminal operation delay for both export and import due to sanitizing process and operational restrictions.

TAO:  Backlog cargoes, which are pending in Liu Ting airport to be released by Customs.

DLC:  Outbound terminal operation is normal. Inbound terminal is expereicnig an additional one day delay for cargo quarantine.

SHE:  Can handle international direct flights. Inspection and sanitary lead times range from between 24 – 48 hours.

CGQ:  International flight operations ceased.

CTU:  Ground handling personnel are required to wear heavy protective clothing and this impacts working efficiency but operations are still ongoing.

CAN:  Backlogs in both terminals resulting in delays of 3 – 5 upon shipment arrival.

SZX:  No backlogs of delays at this point in time.

Import backlog in major airport’s airline terminal:

PEK:  It is expected that most backlog will be cleared by 13th August.

PVG:  Most providers are experiencing delays in PVG import warehouse due to sanitization requirements and then breakdown.


Remark: Backlog means ULD stand in airline terminal for over 2 days, after flight wheel down

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