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Being Creative – Being at Home in a Lockdown / Circuit Breaker / Movement Control During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Many of us are working from home, this is a slightly light-hearted look at the list of things we can do during this period.

1. Enjoy home activities with family.

2. Enjoy the silence of nature if you have the opportunity to do so.

3. Do the things which you always said i will do when I will get time, you got it now. You may never get such a chance in lifetime.

4. Unsubscribe all the e-mails which keep coming to you daily and are junk for you and wastes your time daily.

5. Make a 5-minute video on your phone / computer about two successes and two mistakes / failures of your life. Post it on social media so others can learn or send to your friends.

6. The foundation of our life and career was built by our school and college teachers. Call them today preferably on video call and ask their wellbeing and thank them for their contribution in your life.

7. Join an “Online Learning Course” whether it be useful for your job or career or just learning an additional skill or developing a hobby.

8. Speak to 2 or 3 ex-colleagues or employees of yours who used to work with or for you in past. Catch up on both of your career news.

9. Some of us are creative writers and some are not. Some have written something in the past and some have not. Sit down today and write something about and some incident in your life which was a game changer or which impacted you the most in your life. Share it with your contacts.

10. Check your old photos albums and stored pics and cherish and share those memorable stories with your friends and family.

11. Delete unwanted pics from your phone and clear irrelevant messages from WhatsApp and videos from your phone.

12. Check your phone number entries on your phone and remove the duplicates or unnecessary contacts. You can also add city name, to which they belong, in front of their name. In future phone number search will be easy.

13. Contact one person to whom you know and admire for her/his achievement. Take their 10 mins interview over a video call on phone / computer and record the call and share with your friends the learnings or the whole video.

Prashant Golani
Senior Product Manager
Intech Creative Services

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