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Amazon Trials Toothpaste Drone Delivery in Texas

Amazon Trials Toothpaste Drone Delivery in Texas

Amazon’s drone delivery operation is expanding trials to a Walgreens in Dallas where it will make airborne deliveries of toothpaste and other goods to residents of nearby towns, reports Bloomberg.

Wing LLC, a subsidiary of Amazon parent Alphabet hopes to begin test flights soon and to receive permission to expand service in the area in the coming months.

“With a self-contained drone delivery service that can fit in a parking lot, on a rooftop, or next to a storefront, we’re hoping to expand the benefits of drone delivery to more people, in more urban and suburban settings, around the world.” said Wing LLC marketing chief Jonathan Bass.

Wing will deliver items from the Walgreens to Frisco and Little Elm.

Wing, Amazon’s Prime Air, the United Parcel Service (UPS) and numerous other companies are attempting to create a new commercial model in which goods can be dropped at customers’ homes minutes after an order.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved some test operations, but the agency is still developing multiple regulations and safety standards needed to oversee such flights.

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